PRODUCTION: Oscar Nominated Łukasz Żal Shooting Polish Thriller

    Na Granicy by Wojciech Kasperski Na Granicy by Wojciech Kasperski photo: Marcin Szpak; Metro Film

    WARSAW: Łukasz Żal, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Cinematography in Ida (Opus Film), is theDoP of Na granicy/On the Border, the debut feature of an experienced documentary filmmaker Wojciech Kasperski.

    The script is based on a true story of a father and two sons travelling to the Bieszczady mountains in order to work things out after a family tragedy. Suddenly, a mysterious man appears and lures them into deserted borderland regions. In order to survive the young men will have to grow up much quicker than expected.

    The all star cast includes Marcin Dorociński, Andrzej Chyra and Andrzej Grabowski, as well as young actors Bartosz Bielenia and newcomer Jakub Henriksen.

    Shooting started in Bieszczady in the last week of January and will last until the beginning of March.

    Metro Films is producing. The film received a production grant of 476,748 EUR / 2 m PLN from the Polish Film Institute. The final budget has not been announced yet. The local distributor is Kino Świat.

    Production Information:
    Metro Films
    ul. Macedońska 74, 02-761 Warsaw
    Phone: (22) 843 21 72
    Fax: (22) 642 68 09
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    Director:Wojciech Kasperski
    DoP: Łukasz Żal
    Cast: Marcin Dorociński, Andrzej Chyra, Andrzej Grabowski, Bartosz Bielenia, Jakub Henriksen.