PRODUCTION: Zdeněk Jiráský In Postproduction with Slovak/Czech Coproduction Kryštof

    Kryštof by Zdeněk Jiráský Kryštof by Zdeněk Jiráský

    BRATISLAVA: Zdeněk Jiráský’s new drama Kryštof (working title) entered postproduction. The film is a Slovak/Czech coproduction produced by Slovakia‘s ALEF FILM & MEDIA and the Czech company Fulfilm.

    Kryštof by Zdeněk Jiráský„Given that the editing of the film has started and the actual implementation has been very time consuming, the projected date of completion is the beginning of 2020. We would like it to be in January, but March 2020 is more realistic,“ producer Marian Urban told FNE.

    The film tells the story of young Kryštof, who lives as a fresh postulant in a community of monks. He shares with his brothers not only their world of contemplation, but also, as a link in a long chain, he conveys those persecuted by the communist regime across the borders to Germany. Kryštof wanted to escape from the profane world to the monastery, but now he must run to save his bare life and to realise that this is his last chance to rebel against the brutal political power and rescue a loved one.

    The main characters are played by Mikuláš Bukovjan, Dávid Uzsák and Alexandra Borbély.

    The coproducers are the Czech Television, Slovakia’s RTVS, UN FILM and FULLHOUSE Production Group, as well as Barrandov Studios from the Czech Republic.

    The producers have already covered the whole budget of 2,235 m EUR. The film got 550,000 EUR support from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, 557,614  EUR support from the Czech Film Fund and it is also supported by the Czech Television, the RTVS, the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, the Barrandov Studios, UN FILM and FULLHOUSE Production Group.

    The 47 shooting days took place on different locations in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

    The release is expected for the autumn of 2020. Bonton film will release the film theatrically both in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

    Production Information:

    Kryštof by Zdeněk JiráskýProducers:
    ALEF FILM & MEDIA (Slovakia)
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    Fulfilm (Czech Republic)
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    Czech Television (Czech Republic)
    RTVS (Slovakia)
    UN FILM (Slovakia)
    FULLHOUSE Production Group (Slovakia)
    Barrandov Studios (Czech Republic)

    Director: Zdeněk Jiráský
    Scriptwriter: Kristián Suda
    DoP: Michal Černý
    Editors: Radoslav Dubravský
    Sound: Michal Džadoň
    Make-up artists: Martin Blizniak, Juraj Steiner
    Set Design: Milan Býček
    Costumes: Katarína Štrbová Bieliková, Anna Hrušková
    Cast: Mikuláš Bukovjan, Dávid Uzsák, Alexandra Borbély, Peter Šimun, Éva Bandor, Ľuboš Kostelný, Marek Geišberg, Marián Mitaš, Stanislav Majer, Eva Josefíková, Ondřej Malý