PRODUCTION: Czech Director Vojtěch Strakatý in Postproduction with Debut Feature

    Eternal Peace by Vojtěch Strakatý shooting Eternal Peace by Vojtěch Strakatý shooting credit: Lukáš Havlena/Xova Film

    PRAGUE: Vojtěch Strakatý is currently in postproduction with his debut feature Eternal Peace / Věčný klid, which is produced by Marek Novák through Xova Film and supported by the Czech Film Fund.

    The film tells the story of carefree Jindřiška (23), who discovers that her father has run up huge debts only when the executors start confiscating the family's property, including the house. Jindřiška must decide whether to trust and help her father, or save herself before it's too late.

    Eliška Hanušová Bašusová, Anna Peřinová Tomanová, Jan Zadražil and Monika Zoubková play the main characters.

    “The main impulse for the project was my own experience with a father in debt and the effects of his actions on the whole family, gradually losing belongings and home. However, I did not want to make a purely autobiographical film, but rather to use situations and emotions I lived through to create a unique fiction story based on real life,” director Vojtěch Strakatý told FNE.

    The director/scriptwriter knew from the very beginning that the story would be set during one single day. “The most important thing for me was the emphasis on the gradual simplification of the text and the strengthening of emotions throughout the film. You can easily get lost in the course of a long development process. Only during the final rewrites, preparations and especially the shooting, when it finally becomes clear what sort of film you are making and what main elements you have carried along since the very beginning. It is also necessary to be as open as possible to ideas and adjustments during filming”, Strakatý also said.

    The budget is about 375,156 EUR / 9 m CZK. The Czech Film Fund financed the film with 214,345 EUR / 5.2 m CZK. In 2018/2019 the project participated in the dramaturgical incubator organised by the Czech Film Fund, and it was also presented at the Czech Film Springboard in Pilsen in April 2019. One year later Marek Novák participated with Eternal Peace in Berlinale Talents.

    “I approached Vojtěch in 2018, when he won with this script an award from the Film Foundation / Filmová nadace in the “Stars of Tomorrow” category. I was interested in the topic of foreclosures condensed in one day, when the main character deals with the banal moving of furniture, but at the same time her life changes completely from the ground up,” producer Marek Novák said.

    The film was shot during 14 days in September - October 2022 in Prague suburban areas and it is set to be finished in the summer of 2023. The premiere will be in the summer or autumn of 2023.

    Sales and distribution are currently in negotiations.

    Production Information:

    Xova Film (Czech Republic)
    Marek Novák: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Director: Vojtěch Strakatý
    Scriptwriter: Vojtěch Strakatý
    DoP: Stanislav Adam
    Editor: Filip de Pina
    Sound designer: Jan Šulcek
    Story editor: Michal Hogenauer
    Production designer: Matěj Sýkora
    Costume designer: Eva Justichová
    Cast: Eliška Hanušová Bašusová, Anna Peřinová Tomanová, Jan Zadražil, Monika Zoubkov