OBITUARY: Veteran Serbian Film Director Mladomir Puriša Đorđević

BELGRADE: Director Mladomir Puriša Đorđević, one of the most important Yugoslav and Serbian film auteurs, died on 23 November 2022 aged 99.

Serbian Golden Boy Acquired by Amazon Prime

BELGRADE: Serbian sport drama Golden Boy / Zlatni dečko directed by Ognjen Janković has been acquired by Amazon Prime. The distribution started on 20 November 2022 in Germany, Austria and…

BOX OFFICE: Serbian WW2 Spy Thriller/Melodrama Vera Hits No. 2 in Weekend Charts

BELGRADE: Serbian WW2 spy thriller melodrama Vera by Nedeljko Kovačić scores second place in its opening box office weekend in Serbia with 14,075 admissions and 62,269 EUR / 7,303,004 RSD…

FESTIVALS: New Film Festival in Serbia

BELGRADE: The first edition of the Fine Line Film Festival will be held 19 - 20 November 2022 in Belgrade. The festival will screen 13 short films from countries worldwide…

PRODUCTION: Dean Radovanović Starts Production on Serbian/Estonian Second Hand People

BELGRADE: Young Serbian filmmaker Dean Radovanović has started the production of his debut feature Second Hand People / Polovni ljudi. The film is being made as a Serbian/Estonian coproduction, supported…

PRODUCTION: Danis Tanović Shoots TV Series Frust

BELGRADE: Belgrade-based Firefly Productions has started the production of the TV series Frust, a dark comedy thriller directed by Academy Award-winner Danis Tanović. The 6 x 55-minute series is created…

PRODUCTION: Serbian Director Vasilije Nikitović Shoots Sophomore Feature The Crown

BELGRADE: Serbian director Vasilije Nikitović started the production of his sophomore feature The Crown / Kruna, with the score composed by Goran Bregović, who is also among the actors.

Italian and Serbian Film Professionals Meet in Belgrade

BELGRADE: Following the recent industry encounter at the Rome Film Festival, Serbian and Italian film professionals met at the Yugoslav Cinematheque in Belgrade on 26 October 2022. At the panel,…

BOX OFFICE: Serbian Three-Storey Comedy Reaches No. 2 in Local Charts

BELGRADE: A series of successful opening weekends for new Serbian films this autumn has continued with Sandra Mitrović’s debut feature Three-Storey Comedy / Komedija na tri sprata, which reached no.…

Newly-Formed Catalyst Studio Shoots Four Female Protagonist Films in Serbia

BELGRADE: The newly-founded American/Serbian company Catalyst Studio is currently in production with two feature films and is prepping two more titles. All of them are to be entirely shot and…

PRODUCTION: Serbian Director Radivoje Andrić Shoots Sequel to His Blockbuster Dudes

BELGRADE: Radivoje Andrić has started the production of a sequel to his Serbian and regional blockbuster Dudes / Munje, produced by Yodi Movie Craftsman, which had nearly 572,000 admissions in…

BOX OFFICE: Serbian Rom-Com What a Wonderful World Tops Domestic Charts

BELGRADE: Serbian rom-com What a Wonderful World / Ala je lep ovaj svet by Filip Čolović tops the local charts with 10,517 admissions and 42,657 EUR / 5,004,993 RSD gross…

PRODUCTION: American/Serbian Horror Subspecies V: Blood Rise Shoots in Serbia

BELGRADE: Ted Nicolaou's Subspecies V: Blood Rise, a new instalment in the famous horror franchise, is currently shooting in Serbia as an American/Serbian coproduction involving the local company Red Production.…

FNE Oscar Watch: Serbia Selects Darkling as Oscar Candidate

BELGRADE: The psychological thriller Darkling directed by Dušan Milić has been selected as Serbia’s candidate for the 95th Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award in the Best International…

BOX OFFICE: Serbian/Jordanian A Cross in the Desert Tops Domestic Charts

BELGRADE: Hadži-Aleksandar Đurović’s sophomore feature A Cross in the Desert / Sveta Petka – Krst u pustinji, which was released by Art Vista in 62 prints on 8 September 2022,…

PRODUCTION: Serbian Director Marko Đorđević Shoots Sophomore Feature That’s It for Today

BELGRADE: Serbian director Marko Đorđević teamed up with his collaborators from his successful debut feature My Morning Laughter / Moj jutarnji smeh and he is currently shooting That’s It for…

Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania Sign Film Cooperation Memorandum

BELGRADE: Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Film and Audiovisual Activities in the Western Balkans. The memorandum was signed in the scope of…

PRODUCTION: Serbian Actress/Director Mirjana Karanović Shoots Sophomore Feature

BELGRADE: The acclaimed Serbian actress Mirjana Karanović started shooting her sophomore feature as a director on 29 August 2022. Mother Mara / Majka Mara is a coproduction between Serbia, Luxembourg,…

FNE Film Meets Games: Q&A with Kristina Janković Obućina, Executive Manager of Serbian Games Association

BELGRADE: FNE spoke to Kristina Janković Obućina, the executive manager of the Serbian Games Association (SGA), about the association’s current activities, as well as the state of the Serbian game…

Serbian Director Mila Turajlić Completed New Doc Ciné-guerrillas: The Scenes From the Labudović Reels

BELGRADE: Following the major success of her previous documentary The Other Side of Everything / Druga strana svega (2017, Dribbling Pictures), Mila Turajlić has completed a new documentary, Ciné-guerrillas: The…