CineLink Co-production Market 2024 Announces First Selected Projects

SARAJEVO: The CineLink Co-production Market announced the first eight Southeastern European projects in development selected for its upcoming edition (18 – 23 August 2024).

Docu Rough Cut Boutique 2024 Announces Selected Projects

SARAJEVO: Five projects from countries including Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Poland were selected for the 14th edition of Docu Rough Cut Film Boutique.

BOX OFFICE: Cinema Attendance in Bosnia and Herzegovina Rises by 15% in 2023

SARAJEVO: With 4,512,856 EUR / 8,826,380 KM gross and 1,284,834 admissions, the cinema market in Bosnia and Herzegovina saw a 20 percent increase in revenue in 2023 and 15 percent…

GRANTS: Film Fund Sarajevo Cancels 2023 Grants and Opens New Call

SARAJEVO: The Acting Members of the Board of Directors of Film Fund Sarajevo have annulled their funding decisions taken in 2023 and opened new calls following a decision of the…

PRODUCTION: Dino Mustafić in Production with Sophomore Feature The Pavilion

SARAJEVO: After a 20-year-long hiatus, Bosnian director Dino Mustafić, whose debut film Remake (Refresh) won a Special Mention at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2003, is currently in production…

FNE Oscar Watch 2024: Bosnia and Herzegovina Selects Excursion as Oscar Candidate

SARAJEVO: Una Gunjak’s debut feature Excursion / Ekskurzija has been selected as Bosnia and Herzegovina’s candidate for the 96th Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award in the Best…

FESTIVALS: Cinema Parallels Film Festival 2023 Kicks Off in Banja Luka

BANJA LUKA: The documentary-media art film festival and educational platform Cinema Parallels has chosen for its 4th edition the theme Documenting Realities: The Facto Fiction Films. Cinema Parallels starts in…

FNE Podcast: Maša Marković: Head of Industry, Sarajevo Film Festival

SARAJEVO: FNE spoke to Maša Marković, head of industry of the Sarajevo Film Festival, about the general goals and activities of the CineLink industry platform in 2023. CineLink was held…

GRANTS: Ministry of Culture of Kanton Sarajevo Announces Grants

SARAJEVO: The Ministry of Culture of Kanton Sarajevo has distributed 414,658 EUR / 811,000 KM as production grants for feature films, long documentaries and short films. The biggest grants went…

FESTIVALS: Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry Wins Sarajevo Film Festival 2023

SARAJEVO: Swiss/Georgian Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry by Elene Naveriani received the Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Feature Film at the 29th edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival (11-18 August 2023).

Docu Talents from the East 2023 Announces Winners at CineLink

SARAJEVO: Projects from Ukraine/France/Germany, Czech Republic/Slovakia and Romania were awarded at Docu Talents from the East@Sarajevo Film Festival, which was held within the Sarajevo FF’s CineLink Industry Days on 13…

FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2023: Adventures of Turbo Folk Princess at CineLinkDrama

SARAJEVO: Macedonian writer-director Andrey Volkashin and Bulgarian Peter Vulchev are creating a comedy-musical series Adventures of Turbo Folk Princess, which is presented at Sarajevo Film Festival’s CineLinkDrama (12 -17 August…

GRANTS: Film Fund Sarajevo Announces Grants

SARAJEVO: Film Fund Sarajevo has announced the production, minority coproduction and development grants for 2023.

FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2023: Goran Dević Presents Pavilion 6 at Rough Cut Boutique

SARAJEVO: Croatian director Goran Dević will present his latest documentary Pavilion 6 at Rough Cut Boutique, which is organised by the Sarajevo Film Festival and the Balkan Documentary Center within…

Projects Selected for Docu Talents from the East 2023

SARAJEVO: Eight creative documentary projects in postproduction from Central and Eastern Europe will be presented in Docu Talents from the East@Sarajevo Film Festival Festival within the Sarajevo FF’s CineLink Industry…

FNE at CineLink Sarajevo 2023: Dušan Kasalica Returns to Sarajevo with Primavera

SARAJEVO: Montenegrin film director Dušan Kasalica will present his sophomore feature project Primavera at the CineLink Co-production Market (12 - 17 August 2023) of the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival (11…

FESTIVALS: Sarajevo Film Festival 2023 Announces Competition Programmes

SARAJEVO: A total of 49 films will compete for the Heart of Sarajevo awards in the four competition sections of the 29th Sarajevo Film Festival, which will be held 11…

FESTIVALS: Sarajevo FF Announces Nominations for Heart of Sarajevo Awards for TV Series

SARAJEVO: The 29th Sarajevo Film Festival, taking place 11 - 18 August 2023, has announced the nominations for the Heart of Sarajevo awards for TV series. Nineteen TV series have…

CineLink Co-Production Market 2023 Announces Selected Projects

SARAJEVO: Eleven projects including new titles by Dušan Kasalica and Marius Olteanu have been selected for the CineLink Co-Production Market, which will be held 14 – 18 August 2023.

Film Fund Sarajevo Starts Cinema Digitalisation Project

SARAJEVO: The cinema hall of Cultural Centre Tomislavgrad is the first cinema which was digitalised within a project launched by the Film Fund Sarajevo with support from the Ministry of…