PRODUCTION: Isa Qosja in Preproduction with Montenegrin/Kosovan/Albanian/Macedonian The Stork


    PODGORICA: The renowned writer/director Isa Qosja is currently in preproduction with The Stork, a coproduction between Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia set to start shooting on 26 August 2019. The film has recently received coproduction support from Eurimages.

    The story written by Isa Qosja takes place in a village in Montenegro mainly populated by Albanians and located at the border with Albania. The events develop in present times and relate to the migration of the Albanian inhabitants from that region, a development that started in the 60s of the last century and is continuing today. The film unfolds three situations, the present lives of three generations of women, who have been left alone to deal with life and death.

    Arta Dobroši, Arben Bajraktaraj and Flonja Kodheli play the main characters.

    The Stork / Roda is produced by Montenegro’s Artikulacija Film in coproduction with ABHO Film and Aba Film from Montenegro, One Draft LLC from Kosovo and Tunnel Film from Albania. Pigmento Film from North Macedonia is expected to join as a coproducer, representatives of Artikulacija Film told FNE.

    The project is supported by the Film Centre of Montenegro, the Kosovo Cinema Center, the Albanian National Center of Cinematography and Eurimages. The budget is 500,000 EUR.

    Shooting will take place in the village of Gusinje, Montenegro, and will wrap in four weeks.

    The film is expected to be finished at the end of 2020 but the premiere has not been set yet.

    Negotiations with distributors are underway.

    Production Information:

    Artikulacija Film (Montenegro)
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    ABHO Film (Montenegro)
    Aba Film (Montenegro)
    One Draft LLC (Kosovo)
    Tunnel Film (Albania)
    Pigmento Film (North Macedonia)

    Director: Isa Qosja
    Scriptwriter: Isa Qosja
    DoP: Gokhan Tiryaki
    Cast: Arta Dobroši, Arben Bajraktaraj, Flonja Kodheli, Škumbin Istrefi